August 14, 2020

In one of the most significant developments in the challenge of managing automotive plastic waste in the collision repair industry, Planet Ark, Australia’s leading not for profit environmental organisation has thrown its weight behind the Waste Motive Initiative. 

The new partnership will provide many significant benefits to both the collision repair industry and the vehicle salvage industry including, expert advice, securing government grants, new collaboration opportunities and connecting businesses with leaders within the recycling industry.

The Waste Motive Initiative was initially established earlier this year by industry entrepreneur, Mario Dimovski within the Plastfix Industries business, and has since become an independent organisation.

The initiatives aim is to bring the industry together and work alongside each other to better manage automotive plastic waste through a regulated process which will be established by a working task force.

With Planet Ark at the helm, it will allow further engagement with key industry stakeholders, that include representatives from government, industry associations, the insurance industry, the recycling industry and, of course, collision repair businesses.

Creating this working group will lay the foundation for a national program to address waste issues through a Product Stewardship Scheme accredited under the Product Stewardship Act. In addition, Planet Ark will represent the Waste Motive consortium working with government departments and submitting applications for grants from the Product Stewardship Investment Fund, potentially to the value of $1 million.

“This is by far one of the most important milestones from both a personal and an industry perspective. I am passionate about the environment and feel we can do so much better as an industry and as a society on so many levels when it comes to plastic waste, not just in Australia but across the world,” said Waste Motive, founder Mario Dimovski who is also spearheading the movement. 

“Having Planet Ark, one of the world’s leading environmental bodies, not only support the Waste Motive Initiative, but take the lead and assist in achieving our objectives is a huge win for everyone involved.”

Dimovski added: “It is now time to garner further support from additional key industry players to join the current supporting bodies and work together in order to establish a sustainable, transparent and better regulated system for managing, recycling and reusing automotive plastic waste within the collision repair industry. We have a unique opportunity to lead the way and significantly offset our carbon footprint as an industry, providing a cleaner environment for generations to come, create new jobs and develop world leading innovation for processing and managing waste.”

The planning phase of the initiative will take around 18-months, considering the scale of the program nationally, the logistics managing the plastic waste, the level of innovation required to develop specialty recycling machines, restoration tools and carbon offset software platforms. However, when the blueprint has been established in Australia, plans are already in place to export the model to other collision industries around the world that find themselves with a similar plastic waste management challenge, exacerbated by recent changes in southeast Asian markets. 

Waste Motive will be working with its current supporting bodies and will reach out to key industry stakeholders, government parties and key collaborators to finalise the task force which will work alongside Planet Ark to achieve its objectives. The program aims to divert over 900 tonnes of automotive plastic from general waste per year and create hundreds of new jobs across Australia. “This is a massive win for the collision repair industry, and it’s time for the industry to support the program, unite as one and lay the pathway for a cleaner and greener collision industry. Don’t sit on the fence, get involved,” concluded Dimovski.