Led by Planet Ark, Waste-Motive is a consortium of like minded Automotive Industry stakeholders committed to improving the environment created by the automotive collision repair and services industry.

Eliminate automotive plastic waste sent to landfill

Set up waste processing and parts re-use solutions for plastic waste generated by collision repair facilities diverting units from general waste and landfill. The goal ...

Reduce automotive waste cost to business

Create value in plastic part waste by developing by-products from recycled plastic parts and re-use solutions on minimum impacted automotive plastic car parts to be ...

Build a circular plastic part re-use economy

Set up Micro Recycling Hub, to process suited plastic parts to be repaired on site or centrally for re-use within the industry via Green Credits ...

Develop custom recycling machines and equipment

Design industry suited stationed or mobile machinery and equipment to better manage recycling and re-use of parts.

Create consumer & industry awareness programs

Develop online and print material to be displayed or shared with consumers (car owners) educating them on the benefits of the Waste-Motive Initiative and the ...

Establish a better regulated waste management system

Work with insurance, OEM’s, industry associations, business and government to establish a better regulated industry on how automotive plastic waste is managed and responsible disposal ...

Some Interesting Facts


Tonnes of Plastic Parts Diverted from Landfill


Jobs Created


Plastic Parts Processed


Tonnes of Carbon Emissions Abated

About Waste Motive

Over the last 30 years the collision repair industry, vehicles, repair processes, machinery and technology have evolved with todays connected, tech driven fast paced world. Although the management of automotive plastic waste has not changed much during this period, we still find ourselves working in an industry with very little regulation or action being taken on how automotive plastic waste is managed, where it ends up and how it is processed by companies or individuals who pick it up. In most instances this plastic waste including bumpers and headlights ends up stock-piled in backyards, wrecking yards, stocked on farmland or most frequently it is sent straight into general waste and landfill.


Together we can make a difference

As individuals, business owners and as an Industry we have a moral obligation to do more and take appropriate steps to tackle this environmental issue as the world’s focus is directed on responsible waste management by businesses and cleaning up our planet.

It is time for action! The Waste Motive initiative, will be based on the foundation of 6 key pillars, taking automotive plastic waste issues and developing sustainable recycling solutions for the collision repair industry.

Industry Support

Planet Ark

AMA Group

Capital SMART

MTA New Zealand

NSW Government

YCA Recycling

ACM Parts

Axalta Coating Systems

Capricorn Society

MTA South Australia

Plastfix Industries

PPG Australia

Advanced Manufacturing Growth Center


GT Recycling

MTA Qeensland


Australian Association of Progressive Repairers

Bridgepoint Group

I-CAR Australia

NSW Circular

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Our Mission. ZERO Automotive Plastic Waste!